Grade 7: Annabelle Jay

For All of Us

Leaves dance in the sky
poppies watch from the ground,
some people cry, and others stand proud.
As we’re silent,
when the trumpet plays,
we think of the soldiers who fought for our free days,
veterans and friends of all different kinds,
we’re thankful for our land,
our gods, our families and soldiers who died.
We’re thankful for Canada, the one of our own,
which each and everyone can call their home.

Grade 10: Stephanie Ng

Our Soldiers Brave

Our soldiers brave once fought for peace
And our many thanks shall not cease.
On this grim day, stories are told
But memories never grow old
As songs of grief are a reprise.

The red sea, more than a showpiece,
By the hill with those now at ease.
The fight from spirits of pure gold,
Our soldiers brave.

The eleventh hour will release
A silent hum that will increase.
As minutes tick by for the world,
Recognition flows uncontrolled.
The past is honoured piece by piece.
Our soldiers brave.

Grade 12: Amisha Packiareginauld

What is your Name?

What is your name, I ask a lifetime away
You left me a gift you never had on that day
With hope in your heart and fear in your eyes,
You fought till the white wings spread through the skies.

Courage and strength uplifted your name
The nights were a blur, many going down in a flame
Row by row, you went marching by
Gunshots arose, yet you held your head high.

The poppy, your name as a symbol
The redness, the stream of your pain so humble
Its flower grew from our mourning sorrow
In our hearts, we wear it proudly for the morrow.

Your name was the gift, the peace that you bestowed
Freeing all our people, your bravery showed
We celebrate your valor as we bow in silence
Your life, for this we give it remembrance.

Today, tomorrow, and always.