Stage Activities & Registrations

From Zumba to the After-Party, there is always action live on the stage! Register here to partake in these performances, and below is the schedule for the day. Please note: you do not have to register to watch the performances, so don’t miss the action this May 7th!



Stage Schedule




Hosted by YMCA, Zumba is a unique program that will bring the essential connection of health, wellness and dance. Its main focus is Latin rhythms that will bring about a positive, warm, engaging and interactive cardio party to participants. While learning basic Latin movements such as Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Cha cha, participants will be getting a total body workout. It will synthesize diversity and different cultural music to create a more inclusive atmosphere. The dynamic nature of the program will enable our multicultural community to feel welcome and inclusiveness. It is fun-filled and challenging. Come and experience it  for free yourself!!


Mayor’s Youth Award

Mayor's Youth Award

Markham is fortunate enough to have bright and talented youths contribute to the betterment of the city. Although there are countless youths that deserve to be recognized, the Mayor’s Youth Award presents three exceptionally skilled youths with a scholarship to help continue their feats of altruism. Come join us onstage with Mayor Scarpitti so we can honor all the youth that have help us in our community.

Apply for the Mayor's Youth Award here.



Step To It

Step To It is back at Markham Expo! Come out to see some of the best dance crews in Markham.


Battle of the Bands


The most anticipated annual music event is back this year. Battle of the Bands will showcase over 10 bands through York Region with judges from professional backgrounds!

The Judges

Danny Ho

Danny Ho is currently an Assistant for the Developmentally Handicapped with the York Region District School Board working in an Autism Community Class. In this role, he has gained great insights and perspectives regarding exceptional students, their families, and partnerships with community agencies while working collaboratively with other staff members at school in establishing and maintaining a safe learning environment. He also extends his reach beyond the classroom by being involved in coaching, engineering competitions and environmental events. Danny is an energetic, hardworking and caring individual who eagerly purses opportunities to help the local community by regularly volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and being a spokesperson and donor for the Chinese Stem Cell Initiative. He has a love and passion for music of a variety of genres. As a first year judge for the Markham Mayor’s Youth Council’s Youth Expo Battle of the Bands, Danny is most excited to hear some new talent and be able to play a part of their musical journey.

Michael Frankfort

Michael Frankfort is currently an elementary teacher with the York Region District School Board. He is a highly motivated and creative individual who has a passion for the arts, science, mathematics and robotics. Michael has co-organized and facilitated numerous school and community-based events over the years, including a fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation called York Region Live!, the youth stage at the Markham Village Music Festival and the annual school board Eco-Event called Building Nature Connection. He is also quite involved in activities outside of the classroom such as coaching, school productions and workshops. Michael has also been involved with rock bands and small ensembles over the years. This is his second year at a judge for the Markham Mayor’s Youth Council’s Youth Expo Battle of the Bands and he is very much looking forward to hearing from some new and upcoming talent.

James Dark

James Dark is a full time Child & Youth Worker with the York Region District School Board. He is a highly motivated, creative and enthusiastic individual who has organized many school and community related events. James has been the convenor and coach for athletic and intramural teams such as basketball, floor hockey, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, volleyball and track and field. As well, he has been instrumental in writing and directing large-scale school and church productions and engages the community collaboratively in that process. James has been a member of a number of rock bands over the years, playing a wide variety of genres of music. He also has taken the lead in major fundraising events such as food drives, clothing donations, Christmas hampers, school spirit wear as well as other community events. This is James’ first time as a judge for the Markham Mayor’s Youth Council’s Youth Expo Battle of the Bands and he is looking forward to providing expertise feedback and hearing from some new local talent.

7:30 – 9:00

Movie Night

If you need even more reasons to come to Expo, we’ll  be screening The Lego Movie at 7:30 at the Markham Village Arena! Be sure to bring your friends and family, as well as blankets, chairs, and snacks for a fun time!