Circulate 2017

Introducing Circulate! An event by the Markham Mayor’s Youth Council which features a lot of fun and joy packed into a Saturday evening. If you spend your Saturdays alone, don’t worry! Circulate is a fun event where you can have fun with your friends by playing amazing games, casual competitions, and of course having some amazing snacks! Join us on February 25th from 6:30pm to 10pm at Centennial Community Center for a night of fun. All donations to the event will be going towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Minute Monopoly 2017

Do you like Monopoly? Do you want to show off your awesome skills doing various Minute to Win It challenges? Then Minute Monopoly is the event for you! Come join us on Saturday, January 14 and face up to 5 other teams, competing to get the most “properties” and win sick prizes! Sign up now and more information will be sent via email after your registration! Good Luck!

Think Tank 2017

“Our stage, your story”

MMYC presents Think Tank, an evening of inspirational speeches, live entertainment, friends, and food.

This year, MMYC will be offering an early bird group rate for all tickets purchased before March 12th. If you have friends who are also attending Think Tank, you can purchase five tickets for only $20! Otherwise, regular ticket sales will be $5 per person. All tickets will be distributed by Markham Mayor’s Youth Council members at your school.

To reserve your spot at the event, fill out this form:

Collage 2016


When: October 28th, 2016

MMYC’s first annual event Collage, was an amazing opportunity for over 30 youth councils across the GTA to network and socialise. With over 140 attendees, the event helped strengthen relationships between youth councils and develop long lasting partnerships. The night was filled with food, live music and games, and marked the beginning of yet another amazing year for youth councils.

Amazing Race 2016



Saturday, April 9th, 2016 from 9am to 5pm


The Amazing Race starts at the Markham Civic Center.


Raise at least $75 for the Ontario Mental Health Foundation (OMHF). The more you raise, the more benefits you receive!

Sign up:

The Amazing Race is a fast-paced adventure throughout the city of Markham. Form a team of 2 and complete skill-testing challenges that will involve memory, speed, and collaboration. Go against other racers, and raise money for the Ontario Mental Health Foundation! Collect donations by asking friends, family, and neighbours. You must raise at least $75 to compete (but great competitors such as yourselves should be able to do that, right?). Although, by exceeding this amount and being the team that raises the most money- you will be rewarded with advantages during the race! Be the first team to cross the finish line, and you may find yourself with a cash prize! Suit up and prepare for a race so good, it could even be called amazing.

Labyrinth 2016


Like puzzles? Looking for some adventure? Sign up for Labyrinth now! Build a team of 4-6 youth and solve puzzles, decode hieroglyphics and escape from this Egyptian maze! Compete against other teams to be the fastest group to break out of the Labyrinth! $5 regular ticket or $3 if you bring in a book! All the books donated will be going towards Project 5k’s book swap initiative! You will receive 2 raffle tickets for every extra soft cover book you donate and 3 tickets for every extra hard cover book you donate. You could win Felix and Norton’s gift cards!
Registration link:

ThinkTank 2015

We all have dreams and aspirations. We all have passions, beliefs, and ideas. The time to raise your voice is now.

ThinkTank is back; this year, with the theme of “dreams”.
Sign up to audition as a speaker before November 12th to share your dreams, speak about your passions and goals, and express yourself.

Sign up here:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.


This would not be possible without our sponsors (click their logos to go to their websites):


Game Show 2015

Have you ever wanted to be a contestant in your favourite game show? Well you’re in luck! On November 13th, MMYC presents Game Show, a night of fun, laughs and excitement. Team up with your friends and compete for exciting prizes. Get your family feud on with our very own Youth Feud, test your trivia in Jeopardy or show your skills in Minute to Win It. This will be a night to remember!

Spots are limited, please sign up here:

What is Jeopardy?

Jeopardy is a trivia game where 6 categories with questions of various degrees of difficulty are presented to contestants. The contestants then have to answer the questions correctly to earn points. Whichever team has the most points at the end wins!

What is Minute to Win It?

Minute to Win it is a series of timed challenges that you must complete in a minute! Teams will nominate one person to complete the task, and if your teammate completes the task then the team receives a point. Team with the most point wins! Can you win it in a minute?

What is Youth Feud (Family Feud)

Youth Feud is a game where teams of 5 compete to name the most popular responses to surveyed questions in order to win points. The team with the most points by the end of the game is the winner!