Ambassador Program

Upcoming Events:

The MMYC Ambassadors Program is composed of hardworking individuals who are committed to making our community better. As a branch of MMYC, the Ambassadors work to promote youth engagement in municipal politics. The Ambassadors will host “Today for Tomorrow”. The event is meant to engage youth in creating proposals to solve a problem of youth in Markham. Today for Tomorrow is both a competition and a workshop. For the first half of the event, guest speakers will address four different youth issues in Markham. For the latter half, all teams will compete with their solutions to one of the four issues.

Bullying is an issue that many youth are often only willing to discuss behind closed doors due to the stigma and fear of judgement associated with it. As a youth committee, our task is to encourage young people to take initiative to better the community. We would greatly appreciate it if you would assist us in educating teens about the significance of bullying and its impacts, while motivating them to step up using approaches that can be taken when they find themselves in a position where they have the power to make a difference.

Mental Health
Approximately 70% of all adults affected by mental health disorders claim that their symptoms began appearing during their childhood. Thus, it is crucial that youth issues associated with mental health are addressed before they may develop further over time. Depression, eating disorders, and other mental health illnesses are common amongst adolescents, but many do not know how to deal with them when their lives become directly affected by these problems.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse
With their budding curiosity and recklessness, youth may sometimes find themselves (or those around them) allured by the temptations of certain drugs and substances.

Physical Activity
With the number of problems that young people face on a daily basis, the lack of physical activity is seldom the issue that first comes to mind when one discusses youth issues. It does, however, contribute to many other long-term complications that will leave a lasting negative effect (i.e. a decline in academic performance, deteriorating mental health, obesity, and possible chronic diseases).

Here are the MMYC Ambassadors for the 2015/ 2016 term:

  • Amanda Ng
  • Andrew Lau
  • Benny Lam
  • Cynthiya Gnanaseelan
  • Edward Li
  • Emily Hum
  • Ethan Thompson
  • Hayley Banks
  • Howard Chow
  • ┬áJason Xian
  • Jessica Li
  • Jessie Song
  • Karen Li
  • Leo Xu
  • Louisa So
  • Maneesha
  • Mayoori Chandrakumar
  • Niveda
  • Sarah Zhao
  • Thanuka Sivanathan
  • Tracy Ngan