The Amazing Race will begin at the Markham Civic Centre.


Sunday, April 14th, 2019

What is the Event?

Markham’s Amazing Race is a full day event that brings together hundreds of youth from across the City. High school students race across a set route and complete a series of challenges at various prepared stations. All participants are given lunch, snacks, an event kit (t-shirt, bag, flashlight, etc), and sponsor gear to aid them throughout the day.

Our Charitable Cause

United Way is a non-profit organization that fights the issue of local poverty, one step at a time. Working to defeat such a big issue is no easy feat. That’s why the money MMYC raises through the Amazing Race will be donated to United Way. Together, we can make a change.

How it Will Run

Teams will sign up in groups of 2 racers and 1 chaperone (18+) through Google Forms. In order to be eligible to compete teams must raise $70.  All proceeds will go to United Way. In locations around Markham, challenge stations are set up. Racers must decipher clues and follow a designated route to get to each station. Racers can utilize provided public transportation or walk/run to stations. Each station can range from 15-30 minutes. Racers must complete all the stations, present the physical clues as evidence, and cross the finish line first! Winners will be awarded certificates as well as monetary/sponsored prizes.

Stay Tuned for Updates Regarding Sign Ups!