The Amazing Race will begin at the Markham Civic Centre.

What is the Event?

Markham’s Amazing Race is a full day event that brings together hundreds of youth from across the City. High school students race across a set route and complete a series of challenges at various prepared stations. All participants are given lunch, snacks, an event kit (t-shirt, bag, flashlight, etc), and sponsor gear to aid them throughout the day.

Our Charitable Cause

The Kids at Camp Program is run by the City of Markham to allow youth with special needs to attend summer camp programs at an affordable cost. After completing an application process, certain families will be eligible to send their child to camp for one week. As this cause relies solely on donations, MMYC’s contribution is imperative. The money MMYC raises will be added into an overall Kids at Camp fund that will assist youth all over Markham, ages 10-17, in attending summer camp.

How it’ll Run

Teams will sign up in groups of 2 racers and 1 chaperone (18+) through Google Forms. In order to be eligible to compete teams must raise $100.  All proceeds go to City of Markham Kids at Camp Program. In locations around Markham, challenge stations are set up. Racers must decipher clues and follow a designated route to get to each station. Racers can utilise provided public transportation or walk/ run to stations. Each station can range from 20-45 minutes. Racers must complete all the stations, present the physical clues as evidence, and cross the finish line first! Winners will be awarded with certificates as well as monetary/sponsored prizes.

Sign Up Here

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