Game Show 2015

Have you ever wanted to be a contestant in your favourite game show? Well you’re in luck! On November 13th, MMYC presents Game Show, a night of fun, laughs and excitement. Team up with your friends and compete for exciting prizes. Get your family feud on with our very own Youth Feud, test your trivia in Jeopardy or show your skills in Minute to Win It. This will be a night to remember!

Spots are limited, please sign up here:

What is Jeopardy?

Jeopardy is a trivia game where 6 categories with questions of various degrees of difficulty are presented to contestants. The contestants then have to answer the questions correctly to earn points. Whichever team has the most points at the end wins!

What is Minute to Win It?

Minute to Win it is a series of timed challenges that you must complete in a minute! Teams will nominate one person to complete the task, and if your teammate completes the task then the team receives a point. Team with the most point wins! Can you win it in a minute?

What is Youth Feud (Family Feud)

Youth Feud is a game where teams of 5 compete to name the most popular responses to surveyed questions in order to win points. The team with the most points by the end of the game is the winner!